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Apply to write for us to showcase your expertise on our website. We offer a platform to express your knowledge and expertise to promote your business.

Why Write For Engaio Digital

Dear future contributors, we are happy to see you reading this piece and starting your journey into writing for us an Engaio article.

In a nutshell, we love to publish articles that tell a new perspective on business, primarily through personal experiences and articles that base their information on new learning and data.

We believe in knowledge through experiences. We want to keep Engaio Digital an enjoyable and a learning experience for our readers; therefore, we accept articles that match that description.

Engaio Digital is all about providing content that makes businesses better through learning something new every day.

We want to establish a place where businesses can read top quality, practical, and pieces that leave an entrepreneur with an actionable thing to do, to enhance our reader’s activities and their methods of growth.

Engaio Digital bases its articles on expertise, reporting, and research. The topics of articles have to be evergreen, meaning their lifespan and learning potential for readers only increases with time.

We are looking for well-developed articles that are beneficial for an entrepreneur through and through.

Highlight your expertise on our website, which we will publish across Engaio Digital’s channels.

We will publish all articles directly on engaiodigital.com and across our other channels, including but not limited to social media and other professional networks.

If we don’t respond to your pitch for an idea, you need to assume we denied your application. We try our best to comment on every submission.

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Benefits of Writing For Us:

  1. Advertise your expertise on our platform. 
  2. Express knowledge on a new channel that your business does not own to increase trust in your company. 
  3. The review process is fast; we publish an accepted article within a month.  
  4. Engaio Digital is a growing platform.
  5. Expand your audience and further develop your authority online. 
  6. Get your word out.

Who Can Write For Us?

  • Individuals With Knowledge and Authority on Chosen Topics 
  • B2B Agencies (For example, marketing agencies)
  • Software Companies
  • SME & Large Businesses
  • Organizations

Please note we only accept articles from individuals who represent their respective organizations.

Or an individual who presents themselves in these articles clearly as themselves.

We won’t accept articles made by a third-party to promote another business.

Make sure you understand these details before applying as if we can’t verify your role in the organization, we will decline your application without further notice.

And we won’t accept sponsored posts or any other form of compensation for posting on engaiodigital.com.

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What Type Of Articles We Are Looking For

We accept articles which broad topics are, but not limited to (be creative):

  • Marketing and Advertising (Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing)
  • Online Business and eCommerce 
  • Startup and Business stories, culture and interviews
  • Business productivity
  • Business management and its services
  • Brand development
  • Design
  • Employment
  • Technology
  • Trend News
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance
  • Future Insights

Can’t see your topic in the list? Don’t worry. You can still submit an idea. If an article idea is interesting, we will look into it.

Engaio Digital’s content is always developing, and if you have an idea for an article that might not match a listed type, we still want to hear from you. We are always interested in articles that make a change within a topic. When in doubt, submit.

Content Requirements To Write For Us

The following steps are the minimum requirements for writing for us and getting published on our platform. If you don’t follow these requirements, we reserve the right not to publish an article, even if we have accepted your earlier application.

  • Apply for writing for us through the linked form. We require an in-depth pitch of your idea, before continuing with the process.
  • You need to apply for each article you want to publish on our platform. 
  • You must submit only your original content, which you haven’t published before. For example, you can’t submit an article or a blog post that you’ve published on your website previously. 
  • Your article has to have a voice, a perspective that is relevant to the article. Be your unique self every time. 
  • The submitted article has to be at least 1,500 words in length. An article can be longer if the article requires it. We always prefer a more in-depth look at a topic. 
  • Follow the writer’s guidelines below. 
  • Whatever the topic may be: Always include relevant and original images (We will not accept unmodified stock photos. For example, include relevant and unique infographics, instructional screenshots, and imagery that elevate your content to the next level. You can elevate your content with edited stock images. (For example from unsplash.com) Don’t include too many images either, unless the article needs it. Always have an image we can have as featured images on top of the article.
  • You will receive information on how to deliver the article to us if we accept your application.

An article has to educate, guide, inform, and go through a topic with in-depth knowledge.

Every article needs to be complete, and a reader has to be able to enjoy your article in one sitting without further reading required. While you can include links for further reading, it can’t be a requirement for understanding your content.

Four critical questions in every article that helps a reader understand the content presented to them are:

  • How do you do the thing you present?
  • Why should someone do the idea in your article? 
  • Why is the idea happening that you present in your article? 
  • What is the thing you want to showcase, and why is it important? 

Writers Guidelines

Don’t promote yourself heavily. While it’s fine to mention your business and how it relates to the topic, avoid straight-up advertisements if they don’t fit the overall narrative. For example, continually reminding a reader that you’re from company X, won’t create an experience you or we should desire.

Don’t include forceful call-to-action (CTA) either: While it’s fine to have a CTA in your Bio text, don’t force it within your article. If your article has engaged the reader well enough, they will click on your further provided material if they want.

Make sure your text’s grammar is tight.

Article structure: 

  • Make sure your article flow is consistent and that you present topics in your article in order and clearly.
  • Make sure every header and its content of your article are less than 300 words, if it surpasses 300 words, consider using a subheader. 


  • Always explain all the basic terms and steps easily and quickly.
  • When referring to people and companies, always tell why they are relevant to the topic at hand.

Include clear titles for sections (headers and subheaders. Through clear titles, it’s easier for a reader to skim an article.

Write in short sentences when possible.

Use an active voice and avoid passive voice.

Include a ‘Conclusion’ section for your article:

  • Go over the main points and topic of your article
  • Explain why the provided points and information is relevant to the reader. 
  • Explain your authority on the subject. It can’t be the same as your bio, which will be directly below the conclusion. 
  • Choose a relevant title for your conclusive section.

The clarity of an article is a must. Never add too many words for the sake of having more words.

We will format the article to match our website styles. Please avoid any formatting in the article document itself.

If we accept your article, we reserve the right to edit images and the copy where we deem so.

Application Form Questions, Process, and Personal Data Processing

  • Pitch one article at a time and pitch it the best you can. 
  • We only use your personal information to contact you with the necessary details regarding the application process. 
  • You must enter your contact and personal data (email, name, bio)
  • We ask you to submit an author bio and a link to a bio image. 
  • Provide some examples of your previous articles by links or other means. Prior articles are not a hard requirement, while we appreciate earlier experience in article creation, it’s not necessary as long as the article follows our guidelines otherwise. 
  • Answer the following in the form:
    • Article Title
    • Article Theme
    • Summary of your Articles ideas
    • Tell us how your article benefits our readers.
    • Article length (optional)
    • How long will the article take you to write?
    • How did you come across the opportunity to write for us?
  • Include every other relevant detail in your application.

Important To Note When Applying To Write For Us

Please note that if we accept your article to be published, we will have the exclusive right to use the article and its contents as they appear in the article and the material you’ve provided. (Video, Images, etc.).  

Please take into consideration that we don’t compensate writers for articles that we choose to publish on our platform. We will inform you, the writer, if we make any changes to this Policy. 

We reserve the right to change our Article Publishing Policy. For the most updated version of Policy, please refer to this page (engaiodigital.com/write-for-us) before any application attempt.

We reserve the right to deny your article, even if you were accepted earlier on the basis the article didn’t meet our content requirements or writing guidelines. 

We are expecting to hear from you soon. 

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Engaio Digital Team