What Is Twitter Ads And Its Benefits?

Learn what is Twitter Ads and its benefits to your business. Twitter for advertising allows you to promote your tweets, account, and trends.

Twitter Ads is the advertising solution for reaching users within Twitter and its partner networks. And as a digital marketing method is a vital opportunity for growing an online business. 

Twitter Ads allow you to reach new users and promote your products or services to people who are likely interested in what your brand offers. 

With its many ad types, a business can use various ads with different campaign objectives to design a campaign that would fit the business’s growth goals. 

Whether you’re looking to use images, videos, or only text – Twitter Ads has you mostly covered with its ad types. And rarely will you be limited with options to try something new in a campaign – no matter the goal in your strategy. 

You can promote entire campaigns or individual tweets dedicated to specific objectives such as website conversions, video views, and app installations. You must set audience targeting criteria for each ad campaign to reach the right Twitter users. 

You can also choose from the three forms of Twitter ads—promoted trends, promoted accounts, and promoted tweets. You can boost a specific topic with promoted trends, increase account exposure with promoted accounts, and expand reach on a post with promoted tweets. 

Using Twitter ads can help your brand stand out from the noise since users send hundreds of millions of Tweets daily. 

Keep reading to know more about the Twitter Ads Benefits to your business. 

Twitter Ads Benefits

  1. Network With Influential People
  2. Engagement Opportunities
  3. Multiple Campaign Objectives
  4. Low Cost
  5. Tailored Audiences
  6. Keyword Targeting
  7. Be On Top Of New Trends
  8. Analytics 
  9. Boost Marketing ROI
  10. Compliments Your Online Marketing Strategy
10 Twitter Ads Benefits

Twitter Ads Lets You Network With Influential People

It would be best if you attract influential people to your business. Especially if you’re a small business, nurturing your network is vital to expanding your ability to grow and find new partners and customers. 

Twitter could be the best platform to attract the best audience because not everyone is on it. But influential people are likelier to hang out on Twitter instead of on Tiktok and other social media platforms. 

From news to marketing, politics to technology, Twitter is huge in specific industries. If you want to connect with “big” leaders in these industries, Twitter for advertising is an excellent way to achieve it. 

When you have influential people following you on Twitter, it can be a compelling marketing opportunity to make your business known. Followers of influential people are more likely to connect with you as well upon seeing that their followers follow you. 

Potential Engagement Opportunities

With more than 325 million users, Twitter offers a massive pool of engagement opportunities. This may not be as many as 2.32 billion Facebook users, but the engagement is higher, and competition is much lower. 

Moreover, Twitter has 42% of users with a college education, 34% have a $75,000 income, and 85% have a $30,000 income. This means you can attract more audiences with high spending power, making your Twitter ads worthwhile. 

Besides, Twitter has different culture and media, outpacing other platforms. Users spend time on Twitter because they want to be ahead on politics, trends, and news. With such, you can have a wide range of potential audiences ranging from activists, journalists, politicians, celebrities, and other people with expertise in different industries. 

If you can use the trends to create your Twitter ads, you will likely reach out to such people. 

The engagement rate is also higher, with more educated people hanging out on Twitter. That’s because 26% of users spend more time looking at Twitter ads than on other social media platforms.

One reason is that Twitter users don’t experience too much “ad fatigue” as YouTube and Facebook do. Twitter shows fewer ads to individuals because fewer marketers use Twitter for advertising. 

In addition, Twitter users are more engaged and curious than other social media users, making Twitter one of the best platforms for discovery. 

With such statistics, you can have higher potential engagement rates. Even if it has a smaller user pool than other social media platforms, Twitter ads can be a better bet because of their higher engagement opportunities. 

Twitter Ads Campaign Objectives

Twitter Ads also has a variety of campaign objectives that you use to customize your campaigns for the better. Each campaign objective is purposely built to enhance performance and reach your unique business goals. 

Whether you are growing followers, engagement, or sales, you must choose the matching campaign objective for an optimized ad campaign on Twitter. 

You can choose from the following ad campaign objectives from three different categories (Consideration, Awareness, Conversion):

Twitter Ads Campaign Objectives

Awareness Campaign Objectives:

  • Reach (For growing awareness and maximizing the ad’s reach – when chosen, your ad will be seen by more)

Consideration Campaign Objectives: 

  • Video Views (More people will watch your video ads)
  • Pre-Roll Views (Combine your ads with premium content)
  • App Install (Increase the chance of people downloading your app)
  • Website Traffic (Drive more paid traffic to your websites or landing pages)
  • Engagements (Grow your tweet engagement)
  • Followers (Get more followers on Twitter)


  • App re-engagements ( Get people to take predetermined actions on your app)
  • Conversion (Actions on your website)

Low Cost Per Click

Twitter advertising has a low cost per click. Unlike other paid promotions, Twitter ads don’t charge you as much as other digital advertising platforms.

Twitter Ads pricing will consider the ad type, billable actions, and bids, allowing you to create a campaign suitable for your budget. 

Despite low CPC costs, Twitter offers more expensive promotion options that may be out of reach for smaller brands. Still, every business can generally find a solution that fits its marketing budget and broader goals. 

You can use the lower CPC costs of Twitter Ads to increase awareness of new promotions and launches.

Besides the types of Twitter ads, billable actions will also affect the ad costs. 

Billable actions include pre-roll views, video views, engagements, installs, and followers. You can choose any of these actions, and Twitter will charge you when your target user performs such an action. 

Lastly, auction bids will also influence your Twitter Ads cost. Although your ad will appear even if you only spend a cent more than your rival, the highest bidder still wins. 

Twitter considers your ads’ quality, so you shouldn’t overlook this factor to win the auction. This means your ads must be recent, relevant, and resonant. 

Tailored Audiences

Tailored audiences are one of the benefits of Twitter ads that can help you appear in front of any account. 

Your promoted tweets only need a Twitter user’s handle, unlike Facebook users that may require you to know their phone number or email to reach them. 

This means you need such information to ensure that the custom audiences of Facebook will work. On the other hand, Twitter doesn’t have that stumbling block. 

Your Twitter ads can target users who follow specific Twitter accounts. You can download the list of followers of a Twitter account so you can create an ad tailored to this audience. 

Keyword Targeting

Using keyword targeting, Twitter users who have demonstrated intent can be your ads’ target. This is a precise and exciting way to go after people who have interacted with tweets containing your target keywords. Or promote your ads to people who have used a specific hashtag or word in their Twitter updates for the last seven days. 

Unlike other ad campaign platforms, Twitter ads don’t limit you to only using topic targeting. 

For instance, other platforms only allow you to promote your ads to users interested in Google Ads. On the other hand, you can be more precise on Twitter. 

You can target people using PPC on their hashtag and famous marketers talking about PPC, which is a part of Google Ads. 

This is much more beneficial if your brand wants to engage with the people who are more interested in PPC, not Google Ads. 

Twitter Ads Audience Estimate and Targeting as a benefit

When you promote a tweet with a specific hashtag—or keyword, you can get paid impressions from users interested in the keyword you have used. Only people using or talking about the keyword will see your promoted tweets. 

Instead of tweeting it to everybody, your Twitter ads will only go after users already engaged with the keyword. 

Be On Top Of New Trends

As mentioned, Twitter users dwell on the platform to be updated. You can use Promoted Tweets functionality to be ahead of the game and target the right people to deliver your message at the right time. 

Because Promoted Tweets allow you to be on real-time world events, your Tweets will engage with the right audience. What’s even better is that even people outside Twitter can read your Promoted Tweets because it’s a public platform. 

You can use this to reach and drive more potential customers to your Twitter account, website, or apps. 

Twitter Ads Analytics

Measuring performance is vital for any successful attempt to grow your brand online. Fortunately, Twitter has many metrics it tracks for you to make better judgment calls on how to make your campaigns better. 

When optimizing and analyzing Twitter ads performance (especially if you’re tracking conversion on a landing page), it’s also crucial that you use other web analytics solutions, for example, Google analytics.

You can measure the ad performance via Twitter analytics and the ad dashboard.  

And for measuring conversions or retargeting ads, you will need to install the Universal website tag from Twitter on your website.

You can learn more about Twitter Analytics here.

Boost Marketing ROI

You can achieve a better ROI for your online marketing strategies using Twitter ads and other social media marketing platforms and methods combined. 

As the audience differs from other platforms (such as Facebook), you can cover more ground on the audience types your campaign will reach. This, in turn, has the opportunity to drastically increase your overall ROI as your target new audiences instead of marketing to the same audience repeatedly.

And as a core Twitter ads benefit, its cost enables companies to experiment with new ad types and audiences on the fly, which may improve your overall marketing ROI.

How To Get a Better ROI for Twitter Ads

You can boost your ROI by doing simple things on your ad campaigns. 

Here are some tips you may want to consider:

  • Set up your Twitter Ads to reach the market that most reflects your clearly defined audience. 
  • Create a copy and headline that can grab attention as quickly as possible. Since Twitter has only 280 characters, you need to say what you want using only as few words as possible. 
  • Your CTA must be clickable and bold as possible. 
  • Use Twitter cards to show users app and website previews, which could increase engagement. 
  • High-quality visuals can also grab attention. Ensuring that videos, context, and images are compelling will be an edge. 
  • Create various designs for various audiences. People have different preferences, so it’s best to avoid using the same designs repeatedly. That’s why persona research will help you develop creatives that will appeal to each of your target markets. 

Compliments Your Online Marketing Strategy

As previously mentioned, using Twitter ads in your strategy can boost your ROI. It also perfectly fits a multiplatform advertising strategy. 

Rarely do we see a situation where Twitter ads alone would do the trick to a campaign, but when combined with other methods in a larger strategy, it becomes an excellent method to achieve even further growth.  

For example, growing your online presence through social media followers across different platforms and not using Twitter for growth would be bad advice.  

As a business or a marketer, you can quickly expand your content distribution strategy by using Twitter ads, For example, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads, or any platform where your business needs more followers and engagement to grow faster.


Twitter is an excellent platform to market your business, grow your audience, and increase your brand visibility. The platform isn’t yet full of business accounts, so taking advantage of this will help you gain an edge over your competitors. 

Your target market pool has high spending power because they have higher incomes and are more educated than other social media users. 

When you target these potential customers, you have a higher chance of making the most of your Twitter ads. Whatever your budget is, Twitter ads cost may be suitable for you. 

Start your Twitter ads now and see the impact and benefits they can do on your business!

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