Share Your Entrepreneur Story and Its Business Success Or Failure

Share your entrepreneur story of business successes and failures to our community increase everyone's opportunity of success and knowledge.

We Want To Hear Your Entrepreneur Story 

We want to hear your story of how you become an entrepreneur. How did you get started to on pursuing the market opportunity you found? 

Tell us the good and the bad. The true story of how your company became. What was successful and what wasn’t. 

Share your story to inspire others to do the same while avoiding common mistakes. Share what matters to you while giving a lesson or two to others in the same situation.  

No matter what industry or size, entrepreneurship is universal. We face the same problems all the time, even if the scale wouldn’t be the same. 

We can all learn something from new perspectives.  

At Engaio Digital, we want to build a community that reflects the reality that entrepreneurs face worldwide. 

Share guides, tips, and the most important things to you. Together we can show people that they are not alone in their endeavors. Together we can build better companies and better relationships. 

Please share this post with every entrepreneur who would like to share their story.

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Why You Should Share Your Entrepreneur Story?

The benefits of sharing your entrepreneur story on our blog are vast: 

  • Have a platform to share your story, how it all happened openly?
  • Inspire others while helping others to avoid mistakes
  • Build authority for your SEO strategy through guest blogging
  • Writing your story of the successes and the failures enables you to build a better plan for tomorrow when you take a close look at the action you have chosen.  
  • Make new connections and gain new ideas to improve your business
  • Gain the opportunity to naturally promote your business (we will let you advertise your business and its benefits as you see fit, as long as it helps the community at large)
  • It’s free and fun. 

Every story is different, and the topics you decide to share is up to you. 

We hope you include actionable knowledge in every article so every reader can learn and implement newly found information in their businesses after reading your story.  

Share your story via the form. 

Business Story Examples

Like we mentioned earlier, we want to hear the successes and the failures and the story of how to overcome them. 

You can share whatever you want about your business, but a story with a start and an end with a purpose and knowledge work the best. 

For example, you can share a process or a mindset that made your business stand out against your competitors and give examples that others in different industries could learn from you. 

Share what made you proud of your business.

If you could teach a friend more about business to help them overcome obstacles and keep growing in their journeys, in an entrepreneur story article, we hope to achieve exactly that feel.  

Questions For Entrepreneurs To Write Your Story

These questions are just a way to give you a headstart in writing the story of your business. 

But please, be yourself, and explain how you want to share your stories of business success or failures. 

  • Who are you?
    • Your industry, products, and how does it fit against the competitors. 
    • How did you discover your market opportunity? 
    • What keeps you motivated?
  •  What is your business? It’s the mission, and how did you get your idea? 
    • How did you start your business? Did you have to overcome something before you could start the journey?  
  • What was the moment when you realized you need to see your idea come into fruition? 
  • Did you face any problems in starting your business
    • What kind of problems did you face? Or what are the main challenges in your business you need to overcome today? 
    • Did you overcome those problems, and if yes, how did you overcome them?
    • Where there any events that lead to your problems? 
      1. What did you learn or learn to avoid in the future? What would you do differently again if given another chance? 
  • What was your initial business plan, or did you even have one, and how did it evolve? 
  • What did you learn during your first months of being an entrepreneur?
  • What was the growth hack or digital marketing strategy that got you started in your business, and how did you grow if you grew in the first place. 
  • What are your goals (present, and long-term)
  • What are your tips for starting entrepreneurs? 
  • What would you say to the next generation of entrepreneurs looking for a start out there?
  • Anything else you would like to share? 

Be Creative And Share Something Unique. 

The ideas and questions above are just examples to help you get started to create your story. You can share anything unique about your business success or failures.

Remember that your story has to include something actionable that an entrepreneur can take away from reading it. 

We are always looking for fresh perspectives on the way we improve our businesses every day. 

Send An Application And Wait For Approval 

After you send your application, we will go through it and see if your story can be beneficial to our community. If we decide to publish your story, we will notify you of the details.   

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