Why Graphic Design In Digital Marketing Is Crucial

Learn the importance of graphic design in digital marketing to engage your audience on a new level. Let's explore what graphic design is and its benefits.

Marketers Believe in Graphic Design

Digital marketing has become an essential must-have in every entrepreneur’s or marketer’s arsenal. And with the user’s declining attention span getting worse by the day, there is one way to captivate them, and that is through graphic design. 

If 61 percent of marketers believe that graphic design is an integral part of every marketing strategy, then it’s high time you should be leveraging visuals as well. 

Grab three takeaways from this article:

  • What is a graphic design
  • Why is it important in digital marketing?
  • Benefits of graphic design in digital marketing

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design represents symbols, icons, typography, colors, and all elements that contribute to the overall aesthetics of the image. It is based on graphic design principles, concepts, trends, and even psychology to achieve what it was created for in the first place. 

For instance, a company invests graphic design on their landing pages. Since landing pages are built to convert leads into actual paying customers, their graphic design should do just that. To generate more sales from the landing page, the visuals must contain compelling graphics coupled with a call to action that urges leads to action. 

Simply put, graphic design is a form of visual communication. And this method of communication is apt with how humans process information naturally. The human brain transmits 90 percent of visuals to be processed. That goes to show humans can process images 60,000 faster than text. And that is the main reason why companies bank on graphics in their marketing strategies.

Why is Graphic Design Crucial in Digital Marketing?

Although text-based ads still work, ads with the right balance of graphics and texts are more impactful. This is because there is a psychological factor behind graphic design. Every shape, line, color, font, or layout incites a particular feeling or emotion on the audience.

And this can make or break your advertising tactic. For instance, using the right color palettes can invoke specific emotions on your audiences. Here’s what every color means in marketing:

  • Red – strength, power, passion, danger
  • Brown – dependability, resilience, reliability, stability, dull
  • Orange – happiness, sunshine, enthusiasm, stimulation, encouragement
  • Blue – unique, authentic, warm, communicative, compassionate
  • Yellow – intellect, energy, cheerfulness
  • Green – growth, fertility, harmony, freshness
  • Pink – gentle, feminine, tenderness
  • Purple – nobility, luxury, wealth, extravagance
  • White – innocence, purity, virginity, goodness
  • Black – elegance, formality, evil, mystery

In the same vein, fonts also invoke particular emotions. And there are three different types of fonts that various brands use. This is what font psychology means in marketing: 


Serif fonts are the font styles that have little lines in the letter’s edges. This type is mostly used by brands that are more established or traditional.

Sans Serif

This type doesn’t have the little lines in the edges, hence, the “sans” serif. More brands that have a modern branding use this because of its cool and sleek appeal. 


Script fonts exude a more sophisticated and elegant appeal. This is apt for brands that want to go for a whimsical, elegant, or a more personalized appeal in their marketing. 

Benefits of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

The role of graphic design in digital marketing is extremely crucial. Every design element has an impact. Whether you consult the services of a branding agency or social media marketing agency, these experts will tell you one thing – graphic design and digital marketing work hand in hand.

That said, it’s vital to choose your visuals wisely. Here are a few benefits of graphic design in digital marketing. 

Instills brand recall

Branding consistency is vital in digital marketing. When creating marketing materials, the right colors, typography, icons, and whatnot are used to create cohesion. This is so your advertisements will convey your branding. 

Moreover, when you use your corporate branding guideline, you’re also instilling a particular image on your audience’s minds. In fact, statistics show that people tend to remember a brand more when they are introduced to the same colors, graphics, and other brand design elements a couple of times. 

One example is how social media posts can elevate your brand. When you create relevant, quality, and valuable information, it will have the possibility to go viral. Once your post reaches your audiences, they will see your brand icons, messaging, and other design elements that can increase brand recognition. 

Communicates your brand story

According to a study, 63 percent of people are drawn to purpose-driven brands. When you’re promoting your products and services, you’re not only selling them. But you’re also promoting the passion, history, and drive behind the idea of selling them in the first place. 

There is a reason why company websites have an “About Us” page. That’s because this is where they can share their brand’s story. And people, by nature, are driven by their emotions as well. When a brand’s principles and values are in-line with consumers, they will likely prefer those that align with their own principles and values as well. 

Easily digestible

People are more comfortable consuming visual information nowadays, especially with a declining attention span. That said, visually-oriented advertisements are undeniably more impactful than text-based content.

For instance, let’s think of your landing page. When creating landing pages, copy alone won’t cut the mustard. You need your hero images to captivate users. Moreover, text-based online ads also don’t urge users to stop what they’re doing and click on it. It has to have eye-catching graphics that can entice users from the get-go. 

And the reason is that graphics are easily digestible than text. Why do you think infographics are gaining traction in digital marketing nowadays? Because it’s relatively easier to explain even the most complex concepts and ideas via infographics than whitepapers. 


Marketers can have carte blanche on what they can do with their marketing graphics. And it all boils down to customization. Although there are free stock images they can use for their ads, these stock photos won’t make your brands scale. 

They don’t give it personality, and other brands are probably also using those images. However, with customized graphic designs, you’re implying to your audience that you go the extra mile to cater to them. Plus, with customized visuals, your communication is also on a more personalized level. You can pitch your products but not overdoing it to the point of being like annoying salespeople.


We are living in a visually-centric world. Look around you. You’ll probably see graphics on every street post, poster, billboard, or establishment signage. That goes to show how crucial graphic design is if you want your marketing collaterals to make an impact. 

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