Google Images and Reverse Image Search Benefits

Learn the benefits of Google Images and Google Reverse Image Search. Improve your business images and drive traffic organically with Google images.

What Is Google Images

Google Images is a search engine for images that are incorporated within Google Search itself.

Google will always try to find the most relevant images to any given search terms, keywords, and images.

Google Images combines data from images, data from the main website, and through deep learning combines similarities within images to provide the best search results for their users.

When images are searched with keywords, a thumbnail of the original image is shown. When clicked, the image is shown larger (but not the original image) with the opportunity to click on the link that will lead a user to the original page.

Google Images provides the opportunity to use relevant keywords in your images, and newer websites can achieve higher search positions faster than in regular searches.

Google Images Search Result


More Organic visibility and clicks with Google Images

When images are properly optimized, the images can bring more visibility and traffic from the search engine.

As Google Images are integrated into Google Search, an image position on top of organic search results is often shown. Ranking in top images in some cases can be easier than ranking in the equivalent keyword in Google Search.

Images in Google Search

Ranking high in images will get you free visibility on the wanted keywords and drive organic traffic to your website and business.

For example, a new online store can achieve higher image positions that can be seen within highly targeted keywords and drive organic traffic to its products. Optimizing product images is an important method to consider to grow organically.

High-quality images of every kind have become a big part of content marketing, and utilizing it, is essential in every organic marketing strategy. It makes discoverability of your website or business through high-quality and relevant pictures possible.

Always use relevant keywords and search terms in your images to maximize the visibility of your website images and gain organic traffic to your website. Especially, if in your content marketing strategy images have a high priority, taking the time of optimizing them would be a crucial step.

Other Benefits Of High-Quality And Relevant Images On Your Website Are

  • It helps your users and customers to understand the content provided for them and retain them for longer on the website.
  • Images are a highly shareable piece of content. Highly shareable images drive traffic through social media.
  • Informational images and infographics improve the chances to grow organically more backlinks to your website. Backlinks improve your overall search positions in search engines.

Google Images for Online Stores

When product-related keywords are searched within Google Search or Images, products that have optimized its data for the search engine will show differently than regular images in the search.

To be able to qualify for rich results in Google search, the necessary markups have to be added to your products.

Product images in rich results will have a tag that indicates that it is, in fact, a product that can be bought online.

Product images in Google Search can still be seen without the tag.

The optimized product images will show in Google Images search results displaying their titles, website, and stock availability.

Product Image Data in Search

Product images will have the following data displayed if clicked:

  • Link to the product
  • Product Price
  • Stock Availability 
  • Brand
  • Ratings
  • Product title
  • Short product descriptions

Many online store platforms and solutions by default have at least product price, stock availability, titles, and descriptions on display.

To cover everything like brand, and ratings, additional markups might need to be added to the products.

Google Shopping Ads in Google Images

Google shopping ads may appear in Google Images as well. The ads are shown on top of the organic image results as a carousel up to 20 products.

Learn more about Google Shopping ads.

Google Shopping ads in Google Images

Benefits of Google Reverse Image Search

By searching with images, you will discover images that are similar or equal to the source. Relevancy applies to reverse image search, as well. An image that is relevant by any metric can be seen with a reverse image search.

Using a reverse image search, you will be able to discover image sources and websites that have uploaded the images on their site.

Improve Branding With Reverse Image Search

A benefit of reverse search is you can discover the styles of your competing websites and businesses.

Knowing what images your competitors are using will help you in building a more distinct and unique brand with images that are not used in the industry by default.

When everyone is using similar or the same stock images on their websites, blogs, and online stores, it is hard to stand out against the competition.

Always use a reverse image search before using stock images to see how many websites are using the same image, and in what manner. You can build a unique brand online using the method, even when stock images are used.

Try to invest in original content to stand out, though. By standing out in the Google Images searches, you easily increase your traffic to your website with relevant keywords, when everyone is using the same or similar images.

Research, Copyrights, and Backlinks With Google Images Reverse Search

With a reverse image search, you can search if any other website is using your images without permission.

When your image is found on another website, it becomes an opportunity to ask the website owner for a backlink!

When researching for images that you might want to use on your website, a quick reverse search will provide you the sources for the images to make it easier to ask for permission to use the said image.

You might also discover the source for a found image, therefore, getting a higher quality image instead of a lower quality one.

Searching with images provides many opportunities when researching topics, and it’s a good tool to use for businesses and websites alike.

How To Use Google Reverse Image Search

In desktop, searching with images is done by uploading the image in Google Images or providing the link to the image. Google Image Reverse Search Desktop

Google Reverse Image Search in mobile is done by using the Chrome mobile browser and pressing long on the image and choosing Search Google for This Image.

Google Image Reverse Search Mobile


Google Images provides many benefits for its users and to those who optimize their images for it.

Optimizing your images for the search engine, whether online store product images or infographics of a blog, should be included in your overall search engine optimization strategy at all times.

Increasing your organic traffic with images can provide a nice boost to your amount of website visitors over time.

Learn more about the benefits of SEO.

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