18 Best Free Seo Tools for Websites [2020]

Best free SEO tools for websites to use in 2020. Ease your keyword research, competitor analysis, improve SEO, audits and increase visibility online. Learn!

Why use free SEO Tools?

Using free SEO tools for improving your website makes optimizing a website for search engines easier.

SEO tools can be costly at times, but fortunately, there’s a variety of free SEO tools.

These tools and services provide you a great start in your search engine optimization journey to increase your website visibility and profitability.

In this article, we chose our favorite tools to showcase and which we use every day to make our SEO easier.

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18 Best Free SEO Tools for Websites


Ubersuggest is an easy-to-use keyword research tool that also offers other benefits. It provides large quantities of data to be used in your SEO analysis.

Ubersuggest provides keywords with search volume data, SEO difficulty score, paid difficulty score, and an estimate for PPC prices.

For competition analysis, you can search how many keywords are your competitors ranking for and which are their main keywords and pages.

Ubersuggest can be used to search for backlink opportunities. Search with a competitor’s domain and see which websites are linking to it.

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Soovle utilizes the most common search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, and many more to find useful long-tail keywords.

The use of multiple search engines provides a larger dataset of keywords to be found when comparing to tools that only use Google Search to find keywords.

Soovle shows you keyword results from every search engine listed at the same time, making comparing results faster and more diligent.

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Soovle Keyword Research Tool

Page Speed Insights

A key ranking factor for search engines is loading speeds. Optimizing a website’s speed is crucial to becoming successful at SEO.

Google Page Speed Insights is one of the most easier tools to measure loading speeds. It provides with its simple interface tips and techniques to improve the speed of your websites.

With the tool, you’re handed a simple to-do-list of the sort that can guide through the steps of improving speeds.

Try the tool out and combine it with other speed measurement tools to have a complete overview of your loading times. A downside is that Page Speed Insight measures the speed of a single page at a time, and loading speeds can differ from each other.

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Google Trends

Keyword searches are not set in stone, and their number of searches every month can vary a lot. Through the use of Google trends, you can discover how are chosen keywords trending at any given time.

Google trends allow the direct comparison of the trends of two keywords at the same time. Use the data to determine which keyword has more potential. Optimizing for a keyword that is down-trending could be a waste of time, in the long run.

For significant keywords, you might discover seasonality that might affect your business, and with Google trends, you can anticipate it.

Check out our full article on Google Trends here.

Explore Google Trends

Google Trends Free SEO Tool

Check My Link

Broken links break user experience in the pages and make it harder for search engines to index your pages. With Check My Link, a chrome extension, you can easily search for broken links in any of your pages.

Use Check My Link to audit your page time-to-time to discover if your page has broken links and immediately fix them! Without a tool, searching for broken links is troublesome especially if a website has a lot of pages.

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SEOquake is a chrome extension for checking your on-page optimization. It features key SEO metrics, on-page SEO audit tools, SERP overlays, and more.

A great way to use SEOquake is to do quality SEO analysis and export the results into CSV, which makes the optimization process a lot faster.

Small and medium-sized websites greatly benefit from the use of SEOquake to improve their on-page optimization.

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GTMetrix is another load speed measurement tool. It provides a clear guide on how to improve a website’s code and other optimization opportunities.

GTMetrix combines data from the Page Insights tool and Yahoo’s YSlow into a single report, which improves your workflow.

Test loading speeds with GTMetrix

GTMetrics Website Loading Speed Analyzer Free SEO Tool

Answer The Public

Answer the public is a keyword tool like no other, and it produces vastly more information about keywords than regular tools. Its main function is to provide data about keywords with questions that users are asking.

Its results can be very helpful when planning your next piece of content. Search results based on user’s questions usually present more opportunities to solve their problems.

When searching with Answer The Public, try to find questions that haven’t been answered by anyone, increasing chances of ranking for those queries.

While ATB offers many languages and regions to search from, only the language option is available for free. Pro users can use the multiple regions function to search.

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Find question based keywords with answer the public. 

Answer The Public Query Free SEO Tool



SERPROBOT is an easy search engine ranking position (SERP) checker tool. By choosing a region, entering your domain name, and then keywords (up to 10 at a time), it will quickly tell your real-time SERP in the chosen region.

SERPROBOT is useful when on the go as it doesn’t require any logins of any kind to check a certain SERP.


Serprobot SERP Free SEO Tool


Choosing the right keywords for every page can be painful at times, and the right tools can ease the pain. Keywordtool.io is an easy-to-use keyword research tool. Just choose your keyword and region, and it will spill out keyword suggestions, questions, and prepositions to use.

Using the tool in combination with the Ubersuggests, you can confirm the keywords you are about to use.

Keywordtool.io only shows search volume and trend data to PRO users, but it’s still a nifty tool to use.

Find keywords with keywordtool.io

Google Search Console

Search Console is the most important tool for SEO, especially anything considering Google Search.

Search Console data should be your first concern when applying SEO techniques. Search for any notifications you might be having in your dashboard inside Search Console, and fix them accordingly.

Search Console lists every keyword, your website ranks for, and any clicks and impressions it might have gathered during a chosen period.

In Search Console, You can add the XML sitemap of your website, which helps Google to index your site faster and find all your pages.

Utilizing the free tool is crucial to measuring successful SEO and an important part of web analytics.

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Or Learn more about the Search Console and what else it can do.

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Search Console Search Engine Optimization Analytics

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster tools are the same for Bing search, as Search Console is for Google Search, and it includes mostly the same features.

Bing’s share of the search engine market is currently 2.32% in the world, which is considerably less than Google.

Nevertheless, using Bing Webmaster tools is a good choice, since ranking in Bing Search is still important.

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Utilize Bing Webmaster tools

SEO Meta-One-Click

SEO Meta-One-Click is another free SEO tool, Chrome extension, that displays all metadata and the most common SEO information you might need in a glance.

In use, you can access many other SEO related services quickly as they are linked in the addon.

Try the extension


Mozbar is also an SEO toolbar for Chrome that gives SEO metrics from any page when in use.

Compared to SEO Meta-One-Click, it offers more extensive features that are useful when planning and doing research for SEO.

For example, highlight keywords on-page, quickly asses page and domain authority, and custom search functionality

Install Mozbar


Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is an SEO Crawler software that crawls through your websites’ URLs to audit and to analyze.

For a smaller website under 500 pages/URLs, the software is free. Beyond the 500 URLs, Screaming Frog becomes a paid tool.

Screaming Frog crawls and discovers your websites broken links, audits your redirects, analyzes page titles and metadata, and more.

Screaming Frog is a great free SEO tool for auditing your website’s current SEO status.

Install SEO Spider from Screaming Frog

Structured Data Markup Helper

Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper is a free SEO tool to create HTML markups, which is used to generate rich snippets to be used for search engines.

Create structured data markups

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner, as the name implies, makes it easier to plan your next keywords.

Google’s Keyword Planner is part of Google Ads and requires a Google Ads account to be accessed.

We have found that utilizing Keyword Planner with other keyword planning tools gives more comprehensive results for planning SEO.

Because of Keyword Planner being part of Google Ads, its usefulness for SEO alone is not great, and its features are geared towards advertising.

Keyword Planner is best used to generate keyword ideas. If you’re advertising on Google Ads, you can access more data and especially search terms and more. Utilizing the data from previous ad campaigns can be useful for SEO.

Access the Keyword Planner by looking for Tools & Settings and then going for Planning and from there choose Keyword Planner.

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Yoast for WordPress

For websites running on WordPress, Yoast is a useful and easy-to-use tool for managing SEO on a daily-basis inside WordPress.

Installing the Yoast plugin helps website owners to run their websites more efficiently by guiding owners with their on-page SEO, creation of XML sitemaps, and linking to various necessary webmaster tools.

Yoast for WordPress


We have listed 18 best free SEO tools for you to discover. It’s time to implement some of them into your workflow to improve your SEO results.

Many of the tools do have the same functionalities and features, but only by trying them out, you will discover what you will need in your SEO from now on.

SEO is a long process, and tools alone will not get you closer to your goals, but they help avoid mistakes and make the whole process faster and easier to understand.