Digital Marketing Consultancy And When To Get Help

When is the right time to get digital marketing consultancy for your business? Answering these five questions can improve your results from consulting.
5 Questions You need To Answer Before Going To A Digital Marketing Consultancy

A Digital Marketing Consultancy Provides Fresh Ideas

Do you need new ideas for your business?

One of the main things you want to get out of digital marketing consultancy is fresh ideas based on your experiences, business model, and future goals.

When your company’s marketing hasn’t updated in a while, a single look from outsiders can bring much-needed attention to the weakest points in your digital marketing strategy.

You can easily overlook even the most common methods and approaches when your marketing strategy hasn’t evolved fast enough. Sometimes we might think that a plan isn’t’ suitable for our businesses from the get-go or might require too many resources to implement.

This is not how it usually is. We can get so used to using the same methods repeatedly that provide a marginal increase of a metric we are tracking.

The point of new and fresh ideas is to find methods that can take you from a marginal increase into a significant boost of results. But of course, not all ideas are equal nor worth implementing, which largely depends on the nature of your business model and its resources.

In some cases, a new perspective on an old strategy can lift you faster than trial and error.

Getting fresh marketing ideas, that includes your past, present, and future endeavors is a benefit that a digital marketing consultancy can provide. And cutting through the noise of newly emerging tactics to find the perfect ideas for you is crucial for future success.

Do You Need To Transform Into A More Scalable Business Model?

Do you have a scalable business model?

It is a great question to answer as the more scalable your business model is by default, its more suitable for rapid growth through online marketing methods. The opportunity to gain insight from a digital marketing consultancy is worth it.

If your business model is not scaleable, tread not, as there are ways to modify an existing business model through online methods that can transform a traditional model into a more online-based model that can achieve growth faster.

The key idea is how sustainable your business is now versus in five years to come.

While you can sustain a business with online marketing methods, not achieving growth on the other hand, depending on the level of competition in your industry, might damper you sustainability if competitors find a way to more rapidly scale with their business models.

Finding scalable solutions and options within your strategy will be the primary objective to accomplish. And in some cases, a business model overhaul might be the only solution to achieve growth on another level.

For example, exploring through existing channels (like social media) where your business is active might be a hidden opportunity to explore that can offer what you seek.

Are You Growing Or Stagnating Online?

A key question to have in mind when talking to a digital marketing consultancy is to answer: are you growing, or are you stagnating online?

A successful modern business always finds new ways to keep growing online, depending on the company itself and key metrics that define said growth or stagnation.

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking that we are growing online when looking at essential metrics, only to determine that we were tracking the wrong business metrics all along after getting a consultation.

For example, a growing website that is stacking upon their SEO activities to increase their organic traffic every month but lacks the opportunity to monetize said organic traffic efficiently.

Or the same in reverse, your business established a solid B2B sales funnels with LinkedIn ads, but have a hard time in getting the initial cold traffic to become a persistent customer after the first purchase.

These two examples are how a digital marketing consultancy can break the cycle of stagnation earlier without hitting a wall.

The benefits for a growing business, on the other hand, comes from the opportunity of increasing your growth rate. When speaking of growth rate, depending on the scale of the company, even optimizing for one or two percent more growth can drastically change the outcomes you can achieve with current methods.

Of course, this mindset is for the larger companies out there. For companies looking to growing fast, growth marketing strategies are crucial to keeping in mind.

Here we are not talking about increasing efficiency of strategy, but creating new ones altogether that has the potential disrupt entirely the scale you can achieve.

Are You Tracking The Right Online Metrics And KPIs?

In the digital marketing process, the use of the right metrics, KPIs, and goals defines the success of each element of your strategy.

Only through knowing how each strategy element compares to each other directly, you can optimize them for better overall results.

Solving the right goals and metrics can initially be hard. Many platforms offer their unique perspective on metrics, so it becomes even more crucial to have a deep understanding of how these metrics connect.

It’s easy to not track each campaign and platform results individually by their metrics, and compare it to the overall business success.

The essential thing to note here is to have defined goals before any optimization behavior. And getting to the bottom of your business goals should always be your first step.

What do you want to achieve, and what are your ways of trying to make it happen?

A digital marketing consultancy can help you define your business goals through the lens of online businesses and take that knowledge into your business, whether online or offline.

When businesses engage online, the way they need to think about goals will differ from offline possibilities. Learning to combine these goals into one set is crucial.

Understanding how web analytics relates to your physical business in and out is the method of finding growth. And the use of its’ tools such as Google Analytics for measuring metrics and setting goals is essential.

Have You Ever Audited Your Marketing Efforts?

Even the best digital marketing strategies require adjustments regularly. A simple mistake in marketing processes can snowball into broader issues, the more a business uses the same methods.

An outside look can think differently, and a more open-minded mentality can reduce apparent mistakes that can be hard to define in the business.

A party that isn’t’ directly involved or benefit from your business is the best type of partner for auditing. You should strive for transparency and a straight answer.

The scope of these mistakes depends on your marketing efforts’ nature, but the costlier ones are those that won’t align with your goals.

For example, discovering that your online advertising budget isn’t optimized for the right goals can drive your costs up without bringing the desired results. For instance, by reading through the common mistakes of Google Ads, you can see how easily you can lose money.

It’s relatively common to get misled by positive data from any platform whose goal is always to increase expenditure. Auditing marketing techniques mainly saves you money and improves the results of your marketing.

Any online marketing method needs auditing for its optimization. Having a frequent audit from a digital marketing consultancy can make sure that an internal or outsourced marketing team always does their best and can keep concentrating on the improvement and the innovation of methods.

Learn Something New From A Digital Marketing Consultancy

Do You Want To Learn Something New?

The most significant benefit of a digital marketing consultancy for your business is learning something new and tangible that you can use in your marketing strategy right away.

It’s a powerful way of learning a new method to get a new perspective on the way you’re doing marketing right now.

The opportunity to get an understanding of tailormade subjects that are relevant to your business saves you time and keeps you on track to learn the most important new techniques that you need to know.

Whether a method would be entirely new for you, or just a new approach to the technique itself you’re already doing, the benefit is there.

For example, you can discover new strategies that uniquely combine platforms.

Whether we are talking about expanding the spending on Facebook and YouTube Ads or search engine marketing, there are always new processes to achieve growth within existing resources.

Of course, learning doesn’t always have to be about optimizing current strategies but learning completely new ones relevant to you.

In the digital marketing world, which moves fast, being up-to-date on the latest strategies is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. While it’s not essential to be first in your industry to implementing a process, its key to know which methods to use, and how to acquire them in the first place.

Who Will Implement The Changes

A key question in the digital marketing consultancy session is how you will implement the changes.

The best-case scenario is that the internal marketing team would implement every possible change for maximum efficiency and countability. If this is not possible, then the next best option would be to find a specialized agency for implementation.

While it’s excellent to outsource online marketing (You can find an agency near you from, the proximity and availability from your agency are crucial when it comes to countability and depth of relationships. The advantages of mutually beneficial relationships can go a lot further than a single optimization event or project.

An agency that implements whatever is needed to achieve growth on a sustainable level is crucial.

But for obvious questions, why not start by looking for an agency right away? Before starting that journey, you need to have a clear image of your strategy that you want to implement first, which you can then modify to every party’s specifications.

It dramatically decreases the chance of being sold upon a method. It is most likely a method the agency is good at but also the most profitable at, which creates an incentive to push a specific method more.

The critical component is transparency.

Therefore, to achieve the growth of a strategy, it’s crucial to understand how it works and what you need to fulfill the strategy correctly.

Investing in your internal marketing team should be a priority for your business. Inserting a growth mindset for the team to seek growth on all avenues is how you can develop better strategies.

How An Digital Marketing Consultancy Can Help

In conclusion, a digital marketing consultancy firm can help a business find actionable solutions for a variety of projects for a company seeking growth online.

As we stated in the beginning, that having the right answers before starting a project can drastically improve your results. While it can be beneficial to exchange in a more general project for discovery purposes, the more in-depth knowledge, and data, you can provide, the more valuable, and importantly actionable a project will be.

The questions being:

  • Do you need new ideas for your business?
  • Do you need to transform into a more scalable business model?
  • Are you growing or stagnating online?
  • Do you want to learn something new?
  • Who will implement the changes?

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