The Best Digital Marketing Apps For Getting New Customers

Learn the best digital marketing apps for content creation, landing pages, increasing word-of-mouth, and more. Reach new customers easily with SaaS apps. Written by Stuart Goulden.

Ok, you’ve launched, had some success, and built good foundations, but hit a plateau in your sales numbers. There are many predictable ways to feed your sales funnel thanks to the SaaS (software-as-a-service) digital marketing Apps.

Admittedly, the choice can be a little overwhelming, with thousands on offer and a marketing tool for everything. I’ll take a look at the best ones for growing your customer base without needing to break the bank.

Digital Marketing Apps To Create Compelling Content

Crafting relevant content takes skill and stamina, but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get your audience’s attention and attract them to your website. Plus, if you’ve built up a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge, you might as well turn it into a lead magnet for your company.

You’re going to want to write for both humans and robots. Eyeballs and algorithms.

As a starter, SEO all-rounders such as SEMrushMozAhrefs & Ubersuggest generously provide free keyword research to help you find a sweet spot of high volume and low difficulty search terms.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are great tools for measuring your site’s organic performance and offering suggestions for any issues. 

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Meanwhile, Moz has an on-page grader for monitoring content and presenting a simple checklist for improving your content’s visibility for specific keywords and topics.

Swiss-army-knife digital marketing apps, such as HubSpot, go even further with their writing assistants. Their clear writing advice, coupled with on-the-go SEO advice, blogging templates, and more, means you can tap into the same article formatting and collaboration tools HubSpot uses for its award-winning blog.

Other great freebies include the Grammarly plugin and CoSchedule’s headline analyser.

Be Seen With Advertising Platforms

Time to experiment with some paid but cost-effective and scalable acquisition channels.

Mailchimp is well-known for its newsletters and email marketing but has evolved to become an all-in-one marketing automation platform. Use it to design and build your ad campaigns with lookalike customers or more speculative targeting parameters. Ads can be A/B tested and highly personalised, so you get more bang for your buck.

You’ll also likely turn to Facebook advertising to grow your business on two of the world’s largest social networks, Facebook and Instagram. The granularity of targeting and retargeting on offer is unrivalled. 

Google Ads is much-needed if wanting to be seen for coveted search terms, on the Google shopping tab, or on third-party sites across the web with display ads.

Or if all of that sounds like a lot of effort and you happen to have a Shopify store, you can employ Kit, a free virtual marketing assistant. The AI tool will recommend marketing activities it thinks will drive you more sales and can actually make them happen. How clever!

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Digital Marketing Apps To Convert More with Landing Pages

Get ready to welcome a surge in visitors. You’ll want to make them as “sticky” as you can to be sure to convert maybes into customers and subscribers.

Landing page builders such as Unbounce and those found within MailChimp and HubSpot make every visit count.

Their visual landing page builders have high-performing templates you can customise to your goal and branding. The oven-ready templates cover everything from product launches, eBook pre-orders, webinar registrations, sales pitches, and sales buttons to make it as easy as possible to convert. What’s more, Unbounce has turned its conversion know-how into an AI optimiser to ensure you never stop testing and optimising, even as you sleep.

Launchrock is a popular tool for “Coming Soon” pages. Get up-and-running in minutes and get more out of your page with simple email capture, surveys, and social-sharing tools.

Then, once your pages go live, you can use tools such as HotJar for heat mapping to show you how customers engage with your site and which elements need work.

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Always On Live Chatbots 

Placing a live chatbot on your site is a good way to find out what they want and better serve them. With a bit of prep, you can also tailor the content to key pages on your site and pre-qualify leads, giving your automated scripts every chance of landing a sale. Drift and Intercom are great shouts for this.

In a similar vein, intent pop-up tools such as OptiMonk, Sumo, and Unbounce (again!) can help to recover abandoning visitors.

Digital Marketing Apps to Boost Word Of Mouth

Sales pitches are so easy to see through, and people are up to 50x more likely to buy a company’s products if recommended by friends, family, or influencers.

A simple referral program that rewards both the referrer and the purchaser can bring in a lot of extra traffic that might not have otherwise known you existed.

Services such as Rewardful & First Promoter make it super easy to get an affiliate marketing scheme off the ground and put it on autopilot. They’ll integrate with many of your existing tools and platforms so you can automatically track referrals, discounts, and commissions. 

Time to get others to multiply your efforts on your behalf!


I’ve given you a small taste of the many digital marketing apps out there to boost your customer numbers. Used together, they’re extremely powerful, and you’ll start compounding new customers. 

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the free trials and freemium plans on offer to find the stack that works for you. SaaS tools are built to grow into and have a vested interest in your success. Good luck!

I’m Stuart Goulden, and I’m the founder of a future-led marketing agency and start-up studio, Like No Other. On the side, I also review marketing tools at Surges to save you time.